The Diploma in Silver Jewellery


Welcome to the Brand New Diploma in Silver Jewellery 1 year course at the London Jewellery School  

If you are looking to launch or grow your own jewellery business selling professional silver, gold, gemstone and metal work then this course is tailored to equip you with the technical making skills to do just that.  

Throughout the course of the year (broken down into 3 terms) you will learn to make professional quality jewellery, develop your designs, practice a vast array of making skills and hone your craft ready to sell or work in the jewellery industry. 

See below for the course outline, what is included, who the course is ideal for, payment options and how to book.  


What You Will Learn

Over the course of the year you will learn to work in-depth in traditional silver and related techniques including:

  • Basic bench skills of piercing, soldering, polishing and refining silver pieces

  • A range of stone settings in both silver and wax

  • Jewellery design and technical drawing

  • Intermediate and advanced techniques in silver and much more

  • Jewellery business specific training including wedding rings, working to a commission, jewellery business and jewellery photography

  • Other media including resin and perspex jewellery



Term 1

Silver Term 

Induction day  

Week 1: Beginners Silver 

Week 2: Soldering Masterclass 

Week 3: Piercing, Polishing and Finishing 

Week 4: Intermediate Silver Jewellery 

Week 5: Stone Setting in Silver (Day 1) 

Week 6: Stone Setting in Silver (Day 2) 

Week 7: Jewellery Design (Commission Brief Set) 

Week 8: Cold Connections 

Week 9: Technical Drawing 

Week 10: Working to Commission (Making a Piece) 

Week 11: Workshop Day 

Week 12: Marking Day 

Term 2

Professional Term 

Week 1: Beginners Wax Carving 

Week 2: Stone Setting in Wax Carving 

Week 3: Making Wedding Rings (For Customers) 

Week 4: Working with Gold 

Week 5: Intermediate Stone Setting 1: Collet Setting 

Week 6: Intermediate Stone Setting 2: Irregular Settings 

Week 7: Workshop Day & Founder Q&A Session 

Week 8: Intermediate Stone Setting 3: Claw 

Week 9: Beginners Enamelling 

Week 10: Intermediate Enamelling 

Week 11: Workshop Day 

Week 12: Marking Day 


Term 3

Mixed Media & Business Term 

Week 1: Beading & Wire Wrapping 

Week 2: Metal Clay 1 (Beginners & Gold) 

Week 3: Metal Clay 2 (Textures and Moulds, Embellishments) 

Week 4: Metal Clay 3 (Beads and Hollow Forms with Gold) 

Week 5: Resin 1 

Week 6: Resin 2 

Week 7: Granulation and Fusing 

Week 8: Perspex 

Week 9: Jewellery Business 

Week 10: Photograph Your Jewellery 

Week 11: Workshop Day 

Week 12: Marking Day (this term also includes a group trip) 

Please note: timetable is subject to change along with developments in the school programme.  

What is included:  

  • Included in the cost of this course are all your essential materials to make your items throughout the year. Unlike other courses we include materials such as silver, small amounts of gold etc. (Approx. value £700)  

  • A full student toolkit to set up your own jewellery space at home (worth £100-200)  

  • A years membership to Jewellers Academy Membership with 100s of online tutorials to support your in-person learning (worth £499)  

  • 10 Teaching days, 1 workbench day and 1 marking day per term 

  • 1-2-1 mentorship with a tutor  

  • A mini-professional photoshoot for your work at the end of the year (worth approx. £250)  

  • Q&A day with LJS Founder Jessica Rose  

  • A professional end of year exhibition in a central London venue 


Who is this Diploma for?

This course is aimed at beginner or intermediate level jewellers who want a full and intensive training in silver jewellery making skills in order to lauch or develop a jewellery business, for personal development or in order to work in the jewellery trade.  

Unlike other courses we focus on how you can build a profitable jewellery business yourself, with accompanying Jewellers Academy membership to help develop your business skills alongside your making skills. All of our tutors are active jewellers with experience working in the trade to share.  

What our Students go on to do next?

Following this course you can launch or may already have launched and be working on your own jewellery business. You can develop your skills with the LJS Advanced Jewellery Diploma we encourage you to carry on regular jewellery making practice at home throughout and after the course to grow your new technical skills. You may also apply to jobs in the trade, or continue making for personal enjoyment. 



What is included?

  • Use of all tools and materials (including most silver)

  • Expert tuition from our professional tutors

  • Small class sizes allowing plenty of 1-2-1 support

  • A mentor, feedback and support throughout the programme

Dates and Timing

Start Dates:

Saturday 21st September 2019

Monday 23rd September 2019

Course timings:

The course runs over 2 terms each lasting 13 weeks and classes take place one day per week during term time.  

Classes run on the same day each week from 10am-5pm with a one hour lunch break from approx. 1 – 2pm.

Each term has 10 teaching days, 1 workbench day and 1 marking day.

Classes run on bank holidays.

Fees and Payment Plans: 

Total course fee: £4,497 (includes over £800 of materials)  

Option 1: Pay in total before start of the course.  

Option 2: Pay in 4 equal installements of £1,125 

First installment three months before course start date (or at time of booking) 

Second installment before start of term 1 

Third installment payable at end of term 1 

Fourth installment payable at the start of term 2 

Option 3: Pay in 12 monthly installemnts of £375  

(please note this option is only avaliable if first payment is made 6 months or more before course start date)